What would you do?

As you’ll all be aware, ensuring participants have a positive and safe experience of jogging is of paramount importance. We all hope that every session is fun and enjoyable for all, however accidents and unexpected emergencies can happen. No matter how careful you are, you cannot eliminate risk of injury or illness completely.

  • Have you considered the what ifs? Does your group have an up-to-date Emergency Action Plan?
  • If you haven’t already, here’s some things you might want to consider.
  • Do you know where the closest defibrillators are on your routes? Or how to use one if you need to?
  • Is anyone first aid trained?
  • How would you safely get your group back to base while looking after someone who is injured or has become ill?
  • Which leaders are carrying a mobile? Is there good signal on your route?
  • Do you know your participants existing medical conditions and what risks they may pose?
  • Do you know who carries medication and how to give it?
  • Where is the participant’s medication?
  • Do you need next of kin information?

Useful videos

St John Ambulance have a range of videos available online, that you may find helpful. These include How to use a defibrillator and how to do CPR on an adult

If an accident does occur the Jog Leader must report this to England Athletics as soon as possible in line with their LIRF insurance.

Sometimes things happen which may not have caused injury but had potential to do so. These are classed as ‘near-miss’ incidents and should be considered to see if any appropriate steps can be taken to prevent this risk from re-occurring.

If you would like any support regarding how to create an emergency action plan for your group or have any top tips to share with others, please get in touch!

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