Wellbeing in the workplace: Be active

We all know being active can have a positive influence on mental health. It’s a great way to take your mind off a stressful situation, re-energise and refocus your mind. So it’s no wonder this translates into a more productive workforce. However, time constraints, shift patterns and work pressures can limit the time available. Not only to get up and move about more in work time but to fit in activity around work life too.

An active workplace – Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce has a strong commitment to enable employees to lead healthy lifestyles at work. Their LiveWell accreditation is all about maximising physical, mental and social wellbeing. It includes things like flexible working, showers, cycling racks and subsidised gym facilities.

Rolls-Royce’s Chief Medical Officer Dr David Roomes explained in an interview: “By investing in wellbeing, it’s possible for us to not only reduce the bottom line impact of employee health, but provide an environment that allows our people to be at their productive best. Ultimately, healthier employees mean we’re more likely to meet our business goals and keep our customers happy.”

Suzanne Adams works at Rolls Royce’s Derby site. A leader with a Jog Derbyshire group in Melbourne she is about to use her experience to take a group of 15 Rolls Royce employees through a lunchtime couch to 5k programme.

Suzanne said: “The Melbourne Joggers is a great little community, welcoming and friendly. You feel so much more motivated to get up and move when you’re part of a group. So when I was asked to help with a wellbeing activity at work I thought this would be a great thing to do during our lunch break.

“It helps you clear your head and put things in perspective. So it’s good for mental health and it gives people a chance to chat and relax. We’ve got really good changing facilities here so people are more inclined to cycle to work or feel they can do an activity during their lunch break.”

This blog is part of a series on wellbeing in the workplace. You can read the full series here

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