Mindshift workshop: Reflective practice

This three-half day programme of learning is designed to develop the skills, behaviours and capabilities of transformational leaders and change agents across the system.

Delivered in small intimate groups, the workshops will introduce you to a range of reflective practice theories and practical techniques. These will enable you to reflect on your own experiences as well as facilitating reflection amongst others. It will help you identify successes and delve into the challenges of a whole variety of situations in order to learn from them and make improvements for the future.

You’ll learn through a number of experiential and practical activities and the facilitation approach will be underpinned by positive and humanistic psychology; strength focused and person-centred.


• To embed reflective practice, both individually and collectively
• To support the planning and use of reflective practices and approaches in your work
• To enable the facilitation of reflective practice groups

What will I learn?

After completing all three workshops individuals will be able to:

• Describe the purpose and benefits of reflective practice
• Complete individual reflective practice exercises to aid self-directed learning
• Recognise how to use a variety of reflective practice learning theories, actively, for individuals and groups
• Design a reflective practice exercise(s) based on a recognised model
• Facilitate a peer group action learning set

Who’s running it?

Odie Mack has a background in systems practice and leadership coaching, and has been developing people so they can develop others for well over a decade.

Most recently, she worked nationally as a Learning Lead for Addaction, a large charity which provides treatment relating to mental health, drugs and alcohol. She’s an experienced facilitator of reflective practice, which she regards as being among the most impactful activities any organisation can undertake.

Odie advocates a mindful approach to learning and is most passionate about encouraging calm environments in which people feel comfortable to be themselves and can have meaningful, straightforward working relationships with others. Odie’s work emphasises awareness of self, others and the wider social system which sees huge benefits to both organisations and personal wellbeing.

It’s her hope and intention this ultimately has a positive impact on wider society.

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