Partnering up with Torkard Hill Medical Centre

Torkard Hill Medical Centre in Hucknall has been referring patients with type 2 diabetes to Fit 4 Life since March 2016.

They have a holistic approach to enabling patients to improve their own health, an approach which fits perfectly with Fit 4 Life. The practice is a champion for the initiative, showing how it helps people manage their own condition and improves patient attendance at the surgery.

Julie Meldrum, Head of Practice Development explains the benefits of Fit 4 Life…

Enabling people to make long term changes to their life

“We are a very active research practice and are keen to engage projects which fit our priorities, one of which is diabetes. We focus on illnesses with long term implications for people’s health and those factors linked to deprivation such as unhealthy eating and long term inactivity.

Over the past year we’ve been changing from a purely medical approach to a more holistic model. People are given wider advice on making long term changes to their life to improve their health. This means they’re more involved with their own care and hopefully can better manage their condition.

Working in partnership with Fit 4 Life

“This is where Fit 4 Life comes in. Coordination is really important, and we have a small clinical team of staff focussed on diabetes to help identify patients, coordinate activity and measure our success.

“The Fit 4 Life team are great. We work with a named contact – Matt – who is really good. One of the positive things about working with the team are the materials they provide which help engage our patients. We have used posters, banners and displays in our waiting room and the team have helped provide interesting articles for our patient e-newsletters.

Listening to the personal circumstances of our patients

“The best part about Fit 4 Life is it offers patients something non-threatening. Telling them to do something like going to the gym is scary but with this project, patients have one-to-one support which is crucial. They know someone is listening to their personal circumstances and advising activities which are achievable for them rather than a blanket approach.

“I think patients realise those taking part in the activities are just ordinary local people like them, and that really helps reinforce a positive view.  Since we have changed our practice approach and  engaged with Fit 4 Life we have noticed patient attendance at the surgery for appointments has been good and important diabetes control has been significantly improved.

“We are thrilled to be a champion practice for Fit 4 Life and encourage any patient with diabetes who wants to know more to get engaged with the scheme, either through their surgery or with the team directly. What have you got to lose?”


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