Midsummer madness

At Shift we try to practise what we preach and there’s no better champion of that than our CEO Andrea. Her latest blog takes us into the beautiful Peak District to explore why the best location for a meeting is walking up a hill….

An outdoor adventure

In a quest to integrate work, exercise, connecting with friends and pursuing the spirit of adventure – whilst making the most of the abundant local countryside and lighter nights – I left the office on Monday and headed north to the Peak District.

My friend and I share a passion for helping others to enjoy being active. We both work in the sport and physical activity sector so we regularly share our reflections on what’s working well, what could be better, the dilemmas, the tensions and the successes of our work. These conversations are best had walking up a hill and tonight’s path took us up Losehill, near Castleton.

A different perspective

Vast rolling hills, friendly sheep, green vistas and the wind in our faces refresh, revitalise and connect us to the place and the conversation. It gives us a different perspective to that generated in an office or around a table. We’re more free to explore, ponder and imagine.

Still light at 9.45pm we soaked in the panorama at the top before making our way down.

“We should do this again” we agreed before heading off ………. But we know how difficult it is to find mutual space among busy diaries and family lives.

At this time of year, three or four hours of sunlight in the evening really does offer a sizeable window for activity. So as we approach midsummer and the longest day – make a plan, make an effort and get out onto the hills. As Fat Face says, ‘Life is out there’.

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