Meet the team: Zoe Mckenzie

Hi I’m Zoe and I’m a Community Builder for Shift. Read on to find out what my role is all about.

On a typical day, where might we find you?

I work with the community in Petersham, Erewash so you might find me in the local café, school, community hall – wherever the residents are really.

What brought you to shift?

Sport has always been something I’ve loved, both in my spare time and for work. I previously worked for a local sixth form college in the sports department and a lot of this work was around talking to the students and working with them to develop activities they were interested in. So when I applied for the role at Shift I felt like I was already doing what they were asking for.  It just makes total sense for it all to come from the community.

What’s it like working in Petersham?

When I first visited Petersham I was expecting nearly nothing in the way of facilities but they’ve actually got a lot going on. It’s a lovely place but there wasn’t a lot of communication about how to access or make use of what they have. My focus has been to build relationships and bring people together.

Now, less than a year later I’m seeing a real community spirit starting to emerge where people are coming together to support each other and engage in loads of fun, social, local activities.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Working with the residents of Petersham to find out what they’re interested in. Seeing individuals develop and blossom is so rewarding, it’s the nicest part of the job. That’s what we all really want to see. When you see people developing and taking control of things for themselves that’s when you know you’ve achieved what you set out to.

In an ideal world, what would the future look like?

A better connected place where people support each other and there’s a strong community spirit. With people taking ownership of activities they would like to see and having the confidence to understand what they can achieve with the skills they have.

What’s your favourite hobby?

Netball – which I have played since being little. It takes over my life but I love it. When I suffered a knee injury I took up wheelchair basketball for Derby Wheel Blazers which was fantastic. It gave me a new focus and a way to keep my netball skills fresh.  I’m also the head coach for my local club – Stapleford Netball Club, Nottinghamshire Netball Academy U13 and assistant coach with AOC National Netball Squad.

What’s your favourite place?

I don’t really have one. People make the place but anywhere with nice scenery and good music and I’m happy.

What’s your favourite quote?

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

If your colleagues could describe you in a few words what would they say?

Hard working, committed, approachable, knowledgeable – I hope anyway haha

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