Meet the team: Matt Parr

Hi, I’m Matt and I work on the Jog Derbyshire initiative. Read on to find out what my role is all about.

Where might we find you on a typical day?

I’m either catching up with the rest of the team at the Shift office, meeting with people in coffee shops around Derbyshire or I’m out and about visiting jog groups.

What brought you to Shift?

A couple of people I used to work with came to work for Shift and they recommended coming to work here. They talked about a relaxed, social company and a less hierarchical structure which sounded great. So when I saw a job come up I applied for it and got it.

I used to work in a weight management and stop smoking service and had a number of clients I saw at different points over the year. It was very similar to Fit 4 Life which was the first initiative I worked on when I joined the company so seemed the perfect fit for me.

What the best thing about your job?

I started on Fit 4 Life and it was great to see people start to increase their physical activity and notice a difference in their wellbeing. When people came back and they’d lost weight it was really satisfying to see their reaction when they didn’t think they’d done much.

Now I work in the Jog Derbyshire team and love getting out and meeting people. Going out to groups and talking to people about how they enjoy it, how they’ve made new friends and watching things grow is exciting to be part of.

In an ideal world, what does the future look like for Jog Derbyshire?

I’m really looking forward to helping Jog Derbyshire continue to grow, welcome new groups and support our current groups.  Ideally, I would love for any physical activity, not just jogging to become a normal part of an individual or family’s life. I’d like to start and see more health professionals start to recognise the benefits of physical activity and what it can do, not just for someone’s physical health but also their mental health as well and maybe start to prescribe less pills and more activity!

What’s your favourite hobby?

Cycling – both road and mountain biking. I love getting out and about, taking myself off on the bike, and going somewhere nice, peaceful and quiet. It helps to clear my mind.

Where’s your favourite place?

Sherwood Pines and Cannock. I’ve been going to Sherwood Pines for 27 years – the unlimited cycles paths mean you don’t have to worry about bumping into everyone and I know it like the back of my hand.

What’s your favourite quote?

Every ending is a new beginning

How would your colleagues describe you in a few words?

A friendly guy who’s easy to chat to and always on hand to help out. Has a good knowledge of local city centres, so always a good person to call on for bar and restaurant recommendations!

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