Jog Derbyshire Q&A for jog leaders

What is Jog Derbyshire?

Jog Derbyshire is the county’s recreational jogging network, which is now in its 12th year. There are more than 40 community jogging groups across Derbyshire offering 80 plus sessions for different abilities throughout the week. The groups are led by approximately 400 qualified England Athletics trained leaders and Jog Derbyshire trained co-leaders.

The aim of Jog Derbyshire is to encourage people to become fitter and more active with likeminded people of a similar fitness level. Other benefits include making new friends, socialising outdoors, becoming part of a community, and reaping all the benefits that has to offer, like feeling fitter, losing weight, better mental health, and improved wellbeing.

Our ethos

‘We believe in bringing people together to be active, build friendships and boost mental wellbeing through no-pressure, fun and sociable jogging groups in their local community’

The Jog Derbyshire ethos is strong throughout, with all the groups sharing the same values and beliefs. However, no two look the same as we believe in each group having the freedom and autonomy to ‘do it their way’. In not using a one size fits all approach leaders are able and encouraged to take the time to really understand the needs and wants of their communities and to get to know the individuals they are supporting. Each group has an individual name and way of operating that meets the requirements of its members and enhances its spirit, character, and culture. This results in groups having a strong identity and members feeling closely connected and part of something unique. By making people central to the aims of the group, the essence of our ethos shines through.

Who’s behind the scenes at Jog Derbyshire?

The Jog Derbyshire network is supported by two part-time co-ordinators, Linda and Lucy. We are here to support volunteers with running the groups, helping with any issues that may arise, finding funding and background admin. We develop and deliver training, run campaigns to help the groups attract new members and to encourage more people to be active and capture outcomes by talking to leaders and joggers. We also work with partners such as Derbyshire County Council Public Health, Local Authorities, Rethink and Derbyshire Mind to put on additional training and events like Mental Health Awareness for leaders and co-leaders and when possible events like the Kedleston Hall Trails.

We aim to help groups become sustainable and to build a community of active, healthy joggers.

Jog Derbyshire is part of Shift (formally the Community Sports Trust). To learn more about the other work that we do please visit our blog page here.

We also have some support from Shift’s part-time marketing and PR officer, Jennie who helps us share stories from across the network.

Keeping in touch

We are always on hand if you want to chat! Please get in touch using the details below. If for any reason we can’t talk right away, we will get back to you asap.

Lucy: tel: 07971 808783 Facebook: Lucy Jog Derbyshire

Linda: tel: 07752 303749 Facebook: Linda Jog Derbyshire

Social media

Jog Derbyshire has a dedicated Facebook leaders page where leaders and co-leaders can talk, share ideas and knowledge, and ask questions. Lucy and Linda are also available to chat on there and we post updates relating to training, events and stories.

Due to the part time nature of the Jog Derbyshire co-ordinator role, it can sometimes be tricky to post updates as they happen. However, we always try to ensure that we update the news feed as soon as possible when necessary.

You can also find us on Instagram @Shift_together, Facebook @JogDerbyshire and Twitter @JogDerbyshire

Group visits

We strive to visit groups as much as possible. As you can imagine, with so many groups and only two of us it can take some time to go to all the groups across the network. However, if you have a special event or you are in need of some support, please do let us know. We will always attend your groups at your request if we can. We love meeting you all.


We have in the past sent out a quarterly newsletter. We stopped doing this as feedback from the leaders suggested that using social media was the preferred method of sharing news. However, in the recent survey some leaders have asked for the return of a newsletter so we will be revisiting this and plan to re-launch the Jog Derbyshire newsletter in 2022.


Socialising is something many of you have asked about. We hear you! Events and opportunities to gather is something we are eager to get back to. The last running events we hosted were Jog Derbyshire’s 10th birthday relays and Christmas trails towards at the end of 2019. Unfortunately, just as we were building on events the pandemic meant we had to put the brakes on.

We are hopeful that the Derby 10k will go ahead and be back to some normality next spring. For those who have not been before this is a great opportunity for lots of Jog Derbyshire groups to come together. On the day of the event, we have exclusive use of a large room in the Ipro Stadium where we can meet, chat, take photos, leave kit and the best of part of it all, it has clean queue-less toilets! Keep your eyes peeled for updates. Jog Derbyshire groups are eligible for a discount to the race. See their website for details here.

Many of you have shown an interest in joining together for a parkrun takeover. We love the sound of this and will be looking into it in the New Year.

We hope that 2022 will see the return of the Kedleston Trails. At present we have no guarantees, but we will update you when we know more.

Lots of you talked about wanting an annual Jog Derbyshire networking event. This sounds great (we would need a big venue!) It would be fantastic to see everyone altogether, and something we are keen to work towards. If you have any ideas of where or how this could work or would like to help, let us know.

We strongly encourage you to welcome other groups to your jogging sessions. We have seen this happen recently across the county and it makes for a wonderful atmosphere and feeling of togetherness. If this is something you would like to do but are unsure how to go about it, let us know, we are more than happy to do the inviting and liaising.

While things are still uncertain look out for online training and networking opportunities. Earlier this year we hosted a series of workshops from Peak Running – Champion Yourself and Thinking It Better – Establishing Resilience. Alongside Jog Derbyshire jog leader networking sessions.

Although the digital world is not quite the same as meeting in person it is still a great opportunity to meet new people, make connections and share knowledge and ideas.


If you would like support with developing your group please contact us.


Jog Derbyshire 5km medals and certificates are back and will be available from mid-February.

We do not hold a stock of t-shirts; however, we are able to order leader t-shirts on your behalf from our recommended supplier, Sprint Sports at a cost of £17 per t-shirt. Sprint Sports are also able to help with group shirts and other merchandise. Some groups use an online company where you can set up a page for your group.


Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF)

All Jog Derbyshire leaders attend a one-day Leadership in Running Fitness course with England Athletics. The cost of the course is £170. If you are interested in becoming a Jog leader, we recommend that in the first instance you discuss it with the leader of your group, then get in touch with us and we will be able to help guide you through the process. In many cases we can help new leaders find local funding to pay for the qualification. You can find out more about it here

Co-leader Training

The Jog Derbyshire co-leader courses run regularly. These sessions focus on breaking down barriers, how to support a group and individuals and health and safety. Existing leaders who haven’t previously attended a co-leader course are very welcome to join.

We are in the process of developing our own leadership course which we hope to launch in 2022. The content of the course has been written to meet the needs of Jog leaders and addresses topics such as retaining participants, managing a group, and building communities. Watch this space!

We love to connect, so get in touch today and say hi

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