A culture shift – wellbeing in the workplace

Life in the 21st century can be pretty stressful. There’s increasing pressure placed on our personal and work life to get things right. The modern workplace culture means the line between our personal and professional lives can often become blurred. Research shows most of us will spend a third of our life at work. There’s no wonder it can get on top of us.

Whilst a bit of stress is a normal part of life, it can lead to more serious mental health problems if it gets out of control. According to the Centre for Mental Health, around 91 million days are lost each year in the workplace to depression, anxiety and stress, costing British businesses approximately £26 billion in lost productivity, sickness absence and staff turnover. And that’s nothing compared to affect of poor mental health on the lives of the people suffering, which spills over into their family and home life.

Wellbeing at work

Wellbeing at work is now a more important part of HR policy as awareness of mental health in the workplace increases. In 2017 the Prime Minister commissioned a review of mental health in the workplace. Thriving at Work: the Stevenson/Farmer review on mental health and employers recommended a series of mental health core standards for all employers.

Translating well intentioned policy into meaningful action can be a challenge but it only takes small shifts in attitude and behaviour to lead to huge culture change across an organisation.

We’re curious to understand what it takes to create a culture shift in the workplace whereby physical activity is seen as central to good health, wellbeing and productivity. We’ll be sharing local examples aligned to the New Economics Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing. This outlines the key stepping stones which contribute to personal wellbeing and can provide some good foundations on which to build an active, engaged and happy workforce.

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