Amber Valley Community Champions overview

More and more people are creating new solutions to community challenges including social, emotional, physical and mental health and economic prosperity. In the Derbyshire District of Amber Valley, with a population of 129,000 we are seeking out and stitching together social innovators who are leading grass roots action to create a thriving network of people with a ‘can-do’ mind set.

The collective social impact of these groups is largely unknown and much of the work has been under the radar of traditional professional networks. But what they all share is a deep rooted commitment to compassion, interdependence, curiosity and hope.

Our ambition is to reveal the value of this powerful community network, integrating citizen led action with the wider health and care system to make best use of resources and improve population health and wellbeing.

We will achieve this in partnership with the Amber Valley Health Partnership and the Amber Valley Place Alliance by:

  1. Developing 6 Community Wellness Hubs across Amber Valley based in Alfreton, Belper, Crich, Duffield, Heanor and Ripley.
  2. Engaging citizens and local leaders at community level because we believe that they understand the wider health needs better than anyone.
  3. Listening to and amplifying community voices and focussing on what matters most to people in their daily lives.
  4. Supporting, mobilising and networking community led action.
  5. Enabling joint action to address health inequalities and ensure the citizens of Amber Valley have the best start in life, stay well, age well and die well.

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