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At Shift (formerly known as Community Sports Trust) we do things a little differently. We truly believe in the power of physical activity to transform the lives of the people around us. But we know behaviour change takes time and patience and we can only make a real difference when we all go on the journey together.

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We are real people working with real people

We’re a bunch of down to earth people who thrive on enabling others to fulfil their potential. We’re passionate about the people and the communities we work in, so you'll often spot us out and about enjoying a coffee and natter to build relationships. Those little moments of intimacy build trust and break down barriers. We help bring people together, enabling them to live happier and healthier lives.

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We think outside the box

Transforming people's lives is no mean feat. We can't achieve it without changing the way we work and think, the way we are with people and how we relate to them.

That's why we've created Mindshift - a learning and development programme to give you the tools you need to take on the world.

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Revealing Value – Active4Life

Active4Life is a pioneering initiative which takes a asset-based approach to building active communities; from the inside-out. Over 2 years we will be working in 3 places across Derbyshire to support local people to create a culture of physical activity. Asset based approaches build on what’s strong, not what’s wrong. Initial effort goes into unearthing and…

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Creating Conditions for Collaborative Learning

Have you ever come away from a learning event with a warm glow and a sense of ‘this is just the beginning’? Andrea Kemp reflects on a day of learning in Sheffield. I had this warm glow last week as I pedalled away from The Mowbray Café in the industrial streets of Sheffield, which was…

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Friendship and fun at Shirland Community Cafe

The moment we walked through the doors of the Community Café at Shirland Village Hall, the atmosphere was alive with companionship. The Community Café – which was launched by Shirland Ward’s Healthy Futures Group – has proved hugely successful in connecting the older generation of Shirland and surrounding areas. Supported by our Generation Games initiative,…

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